At Arena Asia we have a fantastic team of creative specialists and activators with a wide range of skills and experience who work with a focused enthusiasm. This is because we all share an in-depth passion for what we do. Each project is managed by an experienced lead, so you only talk to someone who fully understands the creative process and on-site activation with the vision to interpret your requirements.

​A statement from our CEO: 
"With over 40 years experience in the marketing industry I have seen the importance of Sports overtake many forms of entertainment in becoming the main spend in many people's lives. Whether participating in a Sports Club, attending a tournament event or through subscribing to live broadcasts, Sport is King.

Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Tennis, Golf, Cricket, Baseball, Formula1 and Extreme Sports... Everyone wants to share and connect with the excitement, experience and participation that sport offers. Arena Asia, within the Asia Incentives Group, brings unrivalled experience and connections to combine your brand with world-class sporting opportunities and their loyal spending followers and spectators.

Our team is committed to delivering innovative & tailored success to all of your sports marketing goals."

- Bob Adamberry, CEO, Arena Asia 

​Our CEO: Bob's experience in Asia started in the 1970s and it has been his home for the last three decades. With foundations in the Incentive and Motivation industries, Bob played a key role in the promotion and marketing of the Music & Entertainment industry of the early 1970s with acts such as the Stranglers, Blondie, the Skids and the Clash amongst his diverse assortment of eclectic clients. As fashions evolved so too did the focus of advertisers' spending. In recent years, Bob has worked on major campaigns for the Beer and Spirits industry, including brands such as SABMiller, Diageo and Grant's. These connections have developed alongside Bob's interests in the Sports industry, with special focus on sports brand advertising, partnerships with leading sports rights holders and the promotion of major sporting events. Bob has been associated with various Business Chambers in Asia, including his position as lead for the British Chamber of Commerce on Singapore's International committee. Bob's roles involved successfully leading the BritCham's contribution for the European Business Association's transition to the Euro Chamber currently in Singapore. Additionally, with great pride and distinction, Bob was involved with the Singapore delegation of the London 2012 Olympics Committee to assist to secure the votes for London's successful bid campaign, which was conferred in Singapore in 2005.

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