We are committed to the legacy of sport through the promotion of both increased participation in sporting activities and the growth of spectator figures and live audience interaction. 

Asian Sports Culture:

The potential commercial opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region are clearly attractive. Involving emerging markets with world-class sporting events can help your brand's sustainable business strategy succeed. Viewing figures of sporting events have increased throughout Asia due to sports clubs from more developed markets touring the region to engage with their expanding die-hard fanbase. The increasing number of Asian football stars plying their trade in Europe's big leagues, such as Shinji Kagawa, Park Ji-Sung (English Premier League), Park Chu-Young (Spanish La Liga), Yuto Nagatomo (Italian Serie A) and Keisuke Honda (Russian Premier League), provides opportunities for Asian fans to increase their interaction and helps them to develop lifelong affinities to European sports teams. Understanding your target market is key to successful market penetration and sustainable growth. We utilise our knowledge, connections and market awareness within the Asia-Pacific region to support the growth of your brand and corporate sporting strategies.

Our aim is to develop your brand, within your desired market through our dedication to creating strong relationships between corporate and sporting entities.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

The focus of our sports marketing opportunities is at all times to be true to our core values regarding Corporate Social Responsibility, not only for Arena Asia but also for our clients. We will deliver a worthwhile campaign for your brand that benefits you, your target market and developing communities. Our team looks at the role sport can play as a key driver in sustainable growth and delivery of Corporate Social Responsibility. We aspire to leverage the unity sport provides within communities to promote the social responsibilities in both the sporting and the corporate worlds. We believe that sport provides a bridge across economic and social inequalities by developing the quality of life within local communities, whilst also acting as a catalyst to encourage businesses to share their good fortune with environmentally- and socially-responsible activities. 

Our aim is to develop positive activation campaigns designed to ensure the financial and social returns desired from our partners. We are continuously looking to provide B2B activation programs for our clients and charity organisations within their target region.

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